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Idle Free Destination Program

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Idle-Free Destination

The Idle Free Destination Program has been developed to help tourist destinations and border crossing sites reduce unnecessary motor coach and transport truck idling. These measures will help reduce the impacts of climate change, air quality related health issues, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption and noise.

It includes 7 easy steps for implementing a successful Idling Reduction Program (IRP) for motor coaches and transport trucks. The guide provides information for three levels of program participation, with each level being more comprehensive than the last. The level you choose to implement depends on your program objectives, goals and budget.

For Businesses

While more business leaders are adopting in-house best practices to conserve energy, encouraging fuel conservation among employees has also proven to be very successful. Consider running a workplace idle-free campaign to inform staff about ways they can save fuel, money and the environment at work and at home.

For Communities and GovernmentFor businesses

Communities and municipalities can be quite instrumental in facilitating idling reduction projects, from writing letters, to conducting outreach and idling blitzes. Here you will find a wealth of information that can help you, as a community or municipality, with your idling campaign.

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