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Driver Training Facilities and Fleet Managers

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking Train the trainer sessions are designed to promote energy efficiency as a cost–effective and responsible way to reduce fuel costs and the environmental impact of fleet operations. Increased fuel costs have especially impacted the trucking industry.

SmartDriver is designed to help do just that.

Why not:
establish a competitive advantage for your company/clients
improve your company's clients' professionalism through exposure to new information
enhance the learning opportunities offered by your organization

Course Outline


This training covers information on energy efficiency–in particular, vehicle spec'ing, maintenance, operations and driving techniques and factors that affect fuel consumption. The training module provides information through an information toolkit, case studies and fleet profiles as well as workshops and technical demonstrations.

The guide is divided into four modules:
Module 1: Factors that affect fuel efficiency
Module 2: Vehicle care and inspections
Module 3: Driving practices and recommendations
Module 4: Smart Driving for fuel efficiency
The training is divided into five components:
Facilitator's guide
Fuel efficiency game
Hand outs and certificates

For more information call (613) 960-7427 or Contact FleetSmart

Or write to:

Office of Energy Efficiency
580 Booth Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0E4
Telephone: (613) 960-7427
Fax: (613) 960-7340

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